Aldo’s Vineyard

Bob’s dad Aldo (1929-2009) was gifted with the good common sense – and sense of pride to maintain these head-trained, non-irrigated old vines that were planted in 1937 from which we source our most coveted Zinfandel. Aldo resisted all the advice and suggestions to replant with trendy grapes such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. “My dad grew Zinfandel and I’m sticking with Zinfandel,” Aldo was known to say.

Grown in the heart of Oak Knoll District.

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Biale Winery

This estate vineyard in Southern Napa Valley’s moderate Oak Knoll District is a key source for Black Chicken and is grafted to heritage clones of Zinfandel.

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Black Chicken

In the early days of the Biale legend, Aldo Biale sold chickens, eggs, walnuts, prunes, and vegetables. Orders came via the party line phone, which could be eaves-dropped on by nosy neighbors. A “Black Chicken” became the code name for a jug of Aldo’s secret Zinfandel from the barrels residing in the barn.

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Falleri Vineyard

The Falleri Vineyard is a quaint little slice of Calistoga history. These 300 extremely rare vines are like sentries guarding the back door of Calistoga. They are living relics of California’s historic Zinfandel field blend era and are located in town at Lake and Falleri streets and have been in the same family since the 1920’s

Lovingly maintained by Argentina Falleri’s granddaughter, Sonya Spencer.

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Gaudi Carli Vineyard

This special Barbera is from the oldest Barbera vines in Napa Valley. The vineyard was planted in Calistoga by Italian immigrant Gaudi Carli in 1925 and is still looked after by his grandson Steve Torrigino.

A dutiful son, Steve has preserved his grandfather’s legacy by also restoring the original home on the property.

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Grande Vineyard

On Napa’s historic Silverado Trail not far from our winery, this vineyard was planted by an immigrant from Venice, Theodosio Grande, in 1920 – the same year of the birth of his daughter, Dorothy. Dorothy (Rossi) still works among the family’s original vines with her son Tony Rossi, proprietor.

Fittingly appropriate, this mother/son team has preserved their slice of heaven for those who follow.

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Old Kraft Vineyard

This exceedingly rare Zinfandel comes from the home vineyard of Bill and Margie Hart who went to the laborious trouble of restoring this old forgotten vineyard that was originally planted in 1890’s by German immigrant winemaker, Franz Kraft, which makes this one of the very oldest in California.

Located west of the town St. Helena, the vineyard sits on the naturally gravelly soils that characterize that section of Napa Valley.

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Palisades Vineyard

Denis Sutro and Ann Carver stewarded this property for nearly 20 years in addition to growing awesome Petite Sirah and other grapes, and preserved the legacy of this awesome historical site. In 2015, however, they decided to part ways with their beloved ranch and found the right proprietors to succeed them.

Conservation and preservation-minded Felicia Woytak and Steve Rasmussen fully intend to maintain the vineyard’s wonderful legacy along with the spectacular, unspoiled land surrounding it.

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R.W. Moore Vineyard

In the 1800’s, the property was the farm of Felix Borreo, a grocer in Napa where today the Borreo Building still stands on the river bank of downtown Napa. Planted to Zinfandel originally in 1905, actually survived World Wars I and II, Prohibition, and the Great Depression then passed through a series of owners.

In 1983, Bill Moore bought the vineyard from the Phillips family and has proven to be the right man to restore and perpetuate this significant field blend zinfandel to the next generation.

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Stagecoach Vineyard

Planted on the classic old-fashioned rootstock, St. George, and grafted with old vine selections from Aldo’s Vineyard and Dr. Crane’s original ranch, Stagecoach is a re-creation of Zinfandel of the pioneer era.

Perched above the eastern slopes of Napa Valley, it has become of the most significant zinfandel plantings in modern times.

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Varozza Vineyard

Emil Zange built a native stone winery here in the heart of the hourglass portion of St. Helena in 1885 which was later purchased by Swiss immigrant Joseph Varozza in 1913. The Varozza family has farmed grapes here on their home ranch ever since.

Jack Varozza, Joseph’s grandson, grew up here in the home his father Harold built, and following his family tradition, Jack today grows Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah for his own winery’s excellent wines.

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