Members receive a bottle of Black Chicken Zinfandel in every shipment as well as a selection of our Single-Vineyard Zinfandels, Petite Sirahs, and Proprietary Red Wines

LEVEL 1: Members receive 4 bottles per shipment, four times a year. ( About $200 per shipment, based on wines included)
LEVEL 2: Members receive 8 bottles per shipment, four times a year. (2 bottles of each wine per shipment)
LEVEL 3: Members receive 12 bottles per shipment, four times a year. (3 bottles of each wine per shipment)

**Shipments are delivered 4 times per year: February, April, August & November – just in time for the holidays!
You must take first shipment or 4+ bottles, to “activate” membership and begin receiving benefits


Members receive (2) 12-bottle cases per year. Members have 2 weeks to pre-select the wines they wish to receive. If members do not select their wines by the stated deadline in their selection notice email (sent in Spring & Fall), Robert Biale Vineyards will automatically send a pre-selected mixed case.

**Shipments are delivered 2 times per year: One in March and one in October.


Once you are set up as an “official” Black Chicken Society member, you may request consideration for our very limited members only Holiday Magnum Club option. Please contact us directly at (707) 257-7555 to inquire as to how you can add this feature to your membership.

2018 Black Chicken Society Schedule


Aldo’s GEMS are Biale customers who exceed $1000 in yearly wine purchases. Aldos GEMS is a service designed to provide you with more frequent Biale information, and assure you the opportunity to secure quantities of your favorite Biale wines – most of which, as you know, sell out quickly and in most cases are impossible to find in stores. An additional benefit of reaching Aldo’s GEMs status is that you are also automatically enrolled in the GEMS program – a multi-winery referral network.


  • Exclusivity! Access to our highly limited vineyard designate Zinfandels and small production wines, such as: Nonna’s Sangiovese, Barbera, Valsecchi Zinfandel, EBA Petite Sirah and Syrah.
  • Priority ordering!
  • Reserved seating & complimentary tasting for 4 at the winery with prior reservation.
  • Anniversary and referral REWARDS!!!
  • Flat rate shipping on Black Chicken Society Levels 1,2,3 of $29. Black Chicken Society Custom Club members receive discounted shipping rates after 2 years of membership.
  • Special rates at our hotel Napa Valley hotel partners! River Terrace Inn, Archer, Senza, Marriot, Hotel Yountville, Villagio & Southbridge Napa Valley.
  • At home with Biale parties!
  • Special pricing on most current release Biale wines.
  • Special pricing to attend all Biale events.
  • WE pay for Ground Service rates when shipping case orders after being in the Black Chicken Society for 2 years.
  • We have a number of Biale events that are for Black Chicken Society members only: Dinners, barbecues, lunches, trips, voyages, tastings.
  • Napa Valley GEMS benefits are available to Robert Biale Vineyards Members with annual purchases over $1,000.
  • Member concierge service- let us help you plan your trip to Napa!