The Biale Buzz

“Robert Biale Vineyards is hardly the only Napa winery making Zinfandel. But it’s certainly one of the very few that put Zinfandel front and center…. This is Zinfandel at its best….Tastings on the outdoor patio are relaxed; though reservations are required, the experience feels casual, with tasting room hosts attending to you at your table. The pleasure of Biale’s single-vineyard Zinfandels is in their ability to balance rich components—lush, concentrated fruit—with fresh acidity and mineral notes.” Esther Mobley, The 52 California Wineries You Need To Visit In 2018, The Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 2018.

“One of the top Zinfandel specialists in Northern California.” Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, August 2016

“Biale is among those noble wineries leading the charge in California to preserve and advance our classic American Heritage varieties-Zinfandel and Petite Sirah.” Christopher Sawyer, Wine Journalist/Sommelier

“Is anyone else making multiple Pets., especially at this level? Not that I know of.” Steve Heimoff, Jan. 2017

“2018 Winery of the Year” by the American Fine Wine Competition. “Biale has been bestowed this honor because of the winery’s numerous gold medals, consistently outstanding repertoire of wines, and everything they do for advancing the heritage vineyards of California.” Shari Gherman, Co-Founder of the AFWC

“5 California zinfandels you’ll want to drink right now” Washington Post, February 2018

“How can producers secure zinfandel’s future? By looking to the past.” Washington Post, February 2018


2015 Vintage Wine Scores

Vintage Label Wine Spectator Robert Parker Wine Enthusiast CA Grapevine James Suckling Wash Wine Blog
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Aldo’s Vineyard Zinfandel, Oak Knoll District 90
2015 Robert Biale Vineyard Basic Black Proprietary Red Wine 90 93
2015 Robert Biale Vineyard Bedrock Vineyard Zinfandel, Sonoma County 88 91 93
2015 Robert Biale Vineyard Black Chicken Zinfandel, Napa Valley 90 90 93 91 92
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Falleri Vineyard Zinfandel, Calistoga 92+
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Founding Farmers Zinfandel, Napa Valley 88 90
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Grande Vineyard Zinfandel, Napa Valley 93
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Like Father Like Son Propriety Red Wine 93 92
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Limerick Lane Zinfandel, Russian River 90 92 92 94
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards R.W. Moore Vineyard Zinfandel, Coombsville 90 91 92
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Old Kraft Vineyard Zinfandel St. Helena 87 93+ 88 92
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Palisades Petite Sirah Calistoga 91 92
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Stagecoach Vineyard Zinfandel Napa Valley 88 89 90 91 93
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Royal Punishers Petite Sirah, Napa Valley 91 92 92 92 90 93
2015 Robert Biale Vineyards Varozza Vineyard Zinfandel, St. Helena 89 91 91 91 94


The Biale Enthusiast Buzz

Biale is the gold standard for Zins, and this is one of their better ones. Incredibly balanced, graceful finish. Definitely not a fruit bomb, but heavy enough to impart intense flavor.”

Everything that you could hope for from a black chicken

“15.9% alcohol. Pushing the boundaries of ripeness, this nearly black-colored wine with a purple tinge has a jammy, slightly spicy bouquet. In the mouth, it goes for fruit all the way, no messing around, with some spice influence. It veers almost to the sweet, almost going over the edge, but comes back with a nice hit of acidity and a quite tannic finish. The definition of pure hedonism in a bottle.”

“Intense, but smooth. Great finish and exceptional price value”.

“Improved over the meal – big, rich, full – fruit forward. Has just enough of the pepper to keep the jamminess in check.”

“Stunning Zinfandel. Inviting and lush bramble-fruit nose. Smooth, dark and rich, but very balanced with a laser focus on the fruit. Beautifully integrated and a house-guest finish (it stays for days). Just so well made.”

“Balanced. Refreshing. Blueberry and rhubarb pie. No overoaking in this fruit bomb; Biale never overoaks. Not elegant or overly remarkable but Biale is the “zin master” and they always pairs beautifully with bar-b-que.”

“Bouquet of dust, minerals and muted dark fruit. Could’ve passed for a CDP. No heat on nose or pallet. Nice tartness and acidity levels; not dry or tannic. A definite drink now and opens up nicely after 15 minutes. What I like most about this wine is the dustiness throughout the entire tasting experience and the sensational balance. Jammy Lip smacker—drink at 60-65 degrees—not room temp.”

“Had this in Door County, reminded me of the tasting at the winery. Aromas of blackberry. Long finish, paired well with the Marieke Gouda we found at the cheese market. You just can’t go wrong with a Biale Zin”

Amazing for a 12 year old Zin. Nose was strong with fruit but smooth. Let it breath for just 20 minutes or so and was rewarded with the smoothest, most sophisticated Zin I’ve ever had.

“Very first taste with no decant gave me impression that I would be blown away. Even though it didn’t ever achieve that performance, it was delicious and among best zins I’ve ever had. With pizza, you can search all you want but you’ll never find a better pairing. Biale never ceases to be unequalled in zin and it won’t be long before they achieve iconic status.”

“Wine was vibrant and fresh with plenty of acidity and a great core of black fruit. An excellent Zin given it’s age and extends the pedigree of this producer!”

“Never fails to impress. Lots of fruit, tannins and alcohol. Drinking great right now!”